Breaking: LeBron James Thrown Out Of The US Team, “Take Your Wokeness Somewhere Else”

In a stunning turn of events that has left basketball fans and armchair critics alike in a state of bemused disbelief, LeBron James, often hailed as the ‘King’ of the basketball court, has reportedly been kicked off the US Team. The reason, as bizarre as it might sound, is not related to his on-court performance or a hidden injury but something entirely different – he’s been deemed “too woke” for the team.

It all started when LeBron, known for his outspoken nature and his strong stance on various social issues, decided to wear shoes with the slogan “Equality” during a game. This fashion statement, innocuous to many, apparently was the last straw for the team management. In a hastily called press conference, the US Team’s coach, wearing a perplexed expression that seemed to question the very fabric of reality, announced, “LeBron is an incredible player, but we feel his wokeness could be distracting. We’re here to play basketball, not debate social justice.”

The decision has since sparked a national debate, ranging from the absurd to the downright hilarious. Supporters of LeBron have started a campaign titled “Dunk the Hate,” where they encourage fans to wear outrageously woke slogans to basketball games. On the other side of the court, critics have praised the decision, with one particularly fiery talk show host declaring, “Sports is no place for social commentary. Next thing you know, they’ll want to discuss climate change during time-outs!”. NOTE : THIS ARTICLE IS BORROWED !






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